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Author: John Fitzgerald and Peter Gorm Larsen

This example is for a trusted gateway made by John Fitzgerald and Peter Gorm Larsen inspired by a more comprehensive model developed by British Aerospace. THe work undertaken here was published in:

Properties Values
Language Version: vdm10
Entry point : DEFAULT`Occurs(“topsecret”,”peter87topsecrethere next”)


-- A trusted gateway
-- For Chapter 7 (Sequences)


  String = seq of char
  inv s == s <> [];  

  Message = String
  inv m == len m <= 100;

  Classification = <HI> | <LO>;

  Category = set of String;

  Ports :: high: seq of Message
           low : seq of Message


-- checking whether a substring occur in another string

  Occurs: String * String -> bool
  Occurs(substr,str) ==
    exists i,j in set inds str & substr = str(i,...,j);

-- Classifying messages

  Classify: Message * Category -> Classification
  Classify(m,cat) ==
    if exists hi in set cat & Occurs(hi,m)
    then <HI>
    else <LO>;

-- The main gateway function using recursion

  Gateway: seq of Message * Category -> Ports
  Gateway(ms,cat) ==
    if ms = []
    then mk_Ports([],[])
    else let rest_p = Gateway(tl ms,cat)
           ProcessMessage(hd ms,cat,rest_p)
   measure MesLen;
   MesLen: seq of Message * Category -> nat
   MesLen(list,-) ==
     len list;

-- Classify the message and add to the appropriate port.

  ProcessMessage: Message * Category * Ports -> Ports
  ProcessMessage(m,cat,ps) ==
    if Classify(m,cat) = <HI>
    then mk_Ports([m]^ps.high,ps.low)
    else mk_Ports(ps.high,[m]^ps.low);

-- The main gateway function without using recursion

  Gateway2: seq of Message * Category -> Ports
  Gateway2(ms,cat) ==
    mk_Ports([m|m in seq ms & Classify(m,cat) = <HI>],
             [m|m in seq ms & Classify(m,cat) = <LO>]);

-- Functions illustrating other sequence operators. 

  AnyHighClass: seq of Message * Category -> bool
  AnyHighClass(ms,cat) ==
    exists m in seq ms & Classify(m,cat) = <HI>;

  Censor: seq of Message * Category -> seq of Message
  Censor(ms,cat) ==
    [m | m in seq ms & Classify(m,cat) = <LO>];

  FlattenMessages: seq of Message -> Message
  FlattenMessages(ms) ==
    conc ms
  pre len conc ms <= 100